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“Hey Noah, what’s the best way to build a following on social media?”

“Hey Noah, what’s the best way to build a following on social media?”

– Andrew

Hey Andrew,

Create great content.
Create engaging content.
Create relevant content.
Create valuable content.
Create impactful content.

Forget about how many followers you have and instead focus on engagement. Write for an audience of one. People will follow you when they think that your stuff can help them with their stuff.

If you start out thinking, “I’m going to do this because I want to be famous,” you’re going to fail. Unless you’re a Kardashian.

Yes, there are lots of tools (Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, etc.) And a ton of tricks (frequency, tagging, timing, follow back strategies, and whatnot). But you’ll learn those along the way. The key to everything is what you post and whether it makes people want to read or watch and, the ultimate test – share.

Look to the people who are doing it well:

Chris Brogan
Mitch Joel
Jay Baer
Gary Vaynerchuk
Josh Sundquist

They make it look easy. That’s because it is. All you have to do is pour your heart out on a consistent basis and you, too, can become an overnight success…in ten years.

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