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“Hey Noah, I wanted to ask your expert advice on moving..."

“Hey Noah, I wanted to ask your expert advice on moving. During your Curiosity Labs presentation,’How to Not Suck at Networking,’ you mentioned that you moved to a place where you didn’t know anyone. I am thinking about doing the same thing. What motivated you to move there? What resources did you use to network around that area? When did you know it was time to move on?”


Hey Lucy,

I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2010 to chase a dream – I got the job I had always wanted and pretty much dropped everything in Milwaukee and ran. It was a great decision and an amazing experience for my family. That doesn’t mean it was easy. It wasn’t. It was one of the most trying years of my life. But it was rewarding. Ultimately, we moved back because we wanted our daughters to grow up with their grandparents nearby.

I dove into the Charlotte business community, attending up to three networking functions a day. I got real active on LinkedIn,, Facebook groups, and devoured the Business Journal. I showed up anywhere and everywhere I might have the chance to meet someone I thought might be good to know.

I don’t know your family situation, but if you’re thinking about moving and you’re young in your career and your family, then I say go now while you can! It’s so much easier to move and to try something new when you don’t have kids in tow. And you won’t live your life in Milwaukee wondering if you should’ve/could’ve/would’ve.

At the same time, don’t sell yourself short on Milwaukee. There’s a terrible Justin Bieber song with a great reminder in the lyrics: “The grass is greener wherever you water it.”

Be sure you’re maximizing your opportunity here. Are you really taking advantage of everything right in front of you?

“Hey Noah, how do I get my foot in the door at my dream company?"

“Hey Noah, I can’t seem to get the millennial in my office to come in on the weekends…the seniors are in. Any advice?"